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Unveiling ONENESS

We have the treasure of doing our work in a beautiful, uplifting and peaceful environment within the Gatineau Hills of Canada.  There is great peace here, only the chickens, dogs and birds create the noise most days! 

We are an evolving, spiritually guided organization, with a focus on helping individuals transform their lives, to live happier, healthier and more abundantly.  

ONENESS is the term we give to 'All That Is'.  The ONE endless container, filled with the substance that is through everything, everywhere, connecting us all.  

You are an invaluable part of this Oneness.  You can actualize anything you want, if you are focused on offering the best of yourself for the highest good of all.

We will assist individuals with unveiling their ONENESS. The Oneness that is already all there and always accessible! You may just need some additional directions to see it, hear it, feel it and know it intimately, so you can live it fully, profoundly, and with love.

You will evolve your consciousness and awaken to your original nature, your divinity and awakened state of this ONENESS.  Consciousness work, from its many perceptions and perspectives will be at the core of our projects and courses and will also be the focus of our Publishing. 




'In your natural state of goodness, led with kindness, compassion, generosity, gratefulness and positive action, you can have a life not just well-lived, but one of excellence and beauty.'