Instructions for sharing your written work!

1 Copy your book into a PDF and send it to us as a BOOK SUBMISSION to Just to be clear, we will never ask you to pay to have your book published.  This is not an independent group trying to take your money.  We want to populate the world with the work of great Canadian Spiritual Writers!

2 Word Count should be between 30-70K.  We will print in a 6 x 9 format.  You can send us in the first 3 chapters if you do not wish to send in your complete work.

3 All writing must be Spiritual/Personal Growth and Non-Fiction.

4 We welcome biographies if they are Spiritual Based.

5 We will not be publishing anything related to Angels, Guides, Tarot, Crystals, Mediumship, Psychic Awareness, Channeling, or anything similar to these genres.  

6 Our focus is work coming out of new or traditional spiritual paths, personal development and evolving or awakening consciousness.  We want to touch the hearts and souls of our readers. 

7 Scholars are welcome.

8 You are welcomed to submit questions in advance. 

9  We will confirm receipt of your submission following the opening of your email.  We will then reach back once we have had a chance to review your work.  Please note that we will take your writing seriously and will honour your great efforts.  We are only able to publish a few books each year and they will be works that are considered to fall most closely into the category of spirituality we are seeking. 

10 Please ensure that you have your personal email and phone number included with a short biography and the reason for your writing.

Thank you.