Workshop Options that are Personal/Family and Friends, Corporate/Institutional or Spiritual/Church Communities

Unveiling Consciousness Workshop

Theoretical and Practical Training to assist you in living a healthier, happier and more abundant life.

Being able to work with greater wisdom and allow it to be the expression of your daily life. Noticing life instead of watching it just go by you. Honouring the world of possibilities that you haven't yet noticed and experienced.  Going beyond the 'mulk' and into the 'malakut' and 'jabarut' so you can see that the world is filled with loving potential for your highest good and the good of all!  There is so much yet to see and live!


Heart Light Workshop

Finding the Light Within and Working With It to unravel life's challenges, physically, mentally and emotionally with far greater ease.  Finding your center and feeling deep inner peace.  Becoming truly human in a world where 

people don't yet understand what that can look like.  Be able to manifest abundance in daily life and truly find natural flow of health and happiness.  Dive into the area of Heart and unravel its exquisiteness!  Feel and Know the True Self, the most alive and present aspect of you that is seeking a relationship with you to express itself.


Stress and Anxiety Management Workshop

Fabulous training for groups of all kinds!

Learning to allow the stress and anxieties of each day to pass through you without the 'velcro' stickiness of daily

challenges that most people live.  What isn't for you needs to go by you!  Then how do you build that inner-core strength to determine the future outcomes you have truly been desiring all along?  Allow yourself to perceive your reality with greater openness and 'chillness'!  Notice that becoming stress-free is just a part of unfolding the greater you!  Let Your Light Shine!  It is already greater than you realize!


Design a Workshop with Cheryl or Ann

Have an idea that you would like to expand for a group?  Reach out and let's talk about the possibilities!


Please reach out to Cheryl or Ann at for details.