Unveiling Consciousness is the key to advancing your spiritual awareness and awakening to the natural order and flow of all that is.  Spiritual Growth can take years, yet great moments of growth can be witnessed in a spectacular and sudden moment through progressive practices.  Living the way of the Heart now, opening spaciousness and unveiling your greater awareness can bring so much more happiness, health, inner peace and enjoyment in your daily life.


With your private teacher (Cheryl Jiala Driskell) you will be guided to move forward in this way while you are living the life you presently have.  You don't need to go away to an Ashram to study.  Learning to be with what you have, who you believe you are, and allowing yourself the stillness and spacious you need to unravel within the greater consciousness is essential.


In this way, you are able to grow well and share what you have learned in a lived way for the benefit of others.

Please reach out through the email below for further details. 


A sliding fee plan can be created.